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Active Marketing


With over 25 years of experience selling real estate in San Francisco alone, Charlene has worked the market through it's highs and lows.  Rather than relying on the hot market when it peaks, Charlene uses active marketing techniques to find the most eligible buyers for her clients, rather than just taking what would otherwise fall into place.  Similarly, she is constantly seeking out  pocket listings to provide her buyers with product before it is openly available.  

Dedicated Hours


​In addition to the hours she puts in at her Intero Real Estate office, Charlene works actively out of her home office as well.  Because she understands that real estate decisions can be extremely impactful, Charlene works to make herself available to her clients around the clock.  If that means dropping everything at 9pm to write an offer--she'll be there!

Expert Judgement


In a city where charm and beauty is everywhere you look, it is easy to get swept away with the stunning qualities this real estate market has to offer.  Being a San Francisco native with 25+ years experience selling properties here,  Charlene has become attuned to looking past the glamour and identifying the true factors that dictate what the best investment decisions would be for her clients.

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